Oh, hey there…

Sooo, I’ve kind of been MIA for a while, LOL

It’s been like, a REALLY long time since I’ve posted on here!!


Well, we had the wedding. It was AH-MAZING.


Went on a Honeymoon up the coast of Northern California and Southern Oregon.


They we came back and planned and had the wedding reception,


then was Halloween, then the Holidays, and now it is 2016 already. So that about sums up MY life. I figured I owed you all a little update.


One big thing I’ve accomplished in the second half of this year: Hypstie


That’s right, I opened my own jewelry business! Or I revamped one I already had. Gave it a new name, logo, really started focusing on it. I started a website


I have an Etsy page, an Instagram, a Facebook, a Twitter account, and a Pinterest page. I sell every First Friday in Downtown Phoenix (so yes I’ll be there tomorrow.)

We turned our Dog room into a Computer room/Studio for me to create and store my wares in 🙂 it’s been pretty awesome! I’ll get back into the habit of posting on here more frequently, I’ve just been so busy! I figured I’d better give you a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to!

Wedding Style

As far back as I can remember I’ve pictured my wedding in the forest. In nature, with big green trees, and blue skies, and birds, and squirrels, and the breeze blowing. Very Snow Wwite-esqe, minus the dwarves. Like every other girl in the world, I’ve always had a secret pinterest board of wedding ideas, so when the time came, the building blocks of building my wedding were already there.

The idea I had, was very naturalistic, lots of flowers and greenery, wood accents, whimsical touches. Very low-key, just a big casual party with friends and family. A long, romantic, flowy bohemian style dress with touches of lace. Barefoot. Flowers in my hair. You get the idea.

And just in case you don’t, here are a bazillion pictures that I used on my “idea board” for inspiration.

For hair, I definitely want braids, and definitely want flowers:

1eabe789e9282bb06714f23ea08fbf29 1f2341ab8142fd5be10809fbaebd7136 75e65eaa760af3c9dd102b0223f77ab3 94ae839eaf634b4575aa159dabab791e 679ff627633163cb13484dffd00992a1 35285667_007_a 35963636_070_a ae9d0603ebbd7c47f96f15ba17f37796 a-romantic-bohemian-wedding-hairstyle-387-int Bohemian-Wedding-Hairstyle boho2 boho4 Boho-Bridal-Fishtail-Braided-Hairstyle-Decorated-with-Tiny-Delicate-Flowers boho-hippie-braid braided-hairstyles-flower-crown-side-braid-lovedale braid-hairstyle d47ebd68a5081b9565b19fbab38a4100 download easy-and-cute-braided-hairstyles-for-girls-L-6Xpgi2 gK9X0aumkXRTS1H6sIRrJ6aKKymhxhuC0m6lrxotyIZO2-l8jYspe-Dm_KhHxU9iLEAdigw2354-h946 images (1) images (2) images (3) images (4) images (5) images Long-loose-4 Messy-Braid twist-braids-boho-wedding-hair-cuts-2014 waterfall-braid-curly-curls-party-hairstyle1-1024x1024 wedding-hairstyles-updo-braids.full

For the dress: Flowy, Bohemian, Lace, Long, small train, NOT prom dress, or ball gown-ish. Think 1920’s or Free People Ever After line..

0e4f163ddd88dd4b315ca433b7149055 2cd44b8fdcd3c5074ff538e395469db1 8b4f93bbafc5970863e494e66d1a52bf 27W0623 6975d0bdf2f2c872546e62d7f207ff91 140319_S4_065 bd1ca772f92457ef31f807ada51964e1 bohemian-wedding-dresses-OSHs califonia-hippiechic-wedding-015 da28f334d016c4a90c59b7f320ee8f98 Ethereal-Forest-Bridal-Session-by-Kristen-Booth-3-300x450 il_fullxfull.323947338 il_fullxfull.394033151_t5a7_massive il_fullxfull.406044248_ew2m_massive image (2) image (5) image (6) megan_02 terrain-styled-06 vintage-woodland-wedding-inspiration-688-int wedding_dress_az_02 wedding_dress_az_06 wedding_dress_az_08 Woodsy-Bridal-Portraits-300x450 woodsy-slovenia-styled-wedding-81 woodsy-slovenia-styled-wedding-83 Woodsy-Wedding5ea4d6659714771a52e23ecb540812f2 bohemian-wedding-dresses Hippie-Designer-Wedding-And-Bridal-Dresses-For-Plus-Size-Brides il_570xN.351174100 plus-size-hippie-wedding-dresses-Eisg plus-size-wedding-dresses-mermaid-trumpet2cd44b8fdcd3c5074ff538e395469db16975d0bdf2f2c872546e62d7f207ff91140319_S4_065bd1ca772f92457ef31f807ada51964e1califonia-hippiechic-wedding-015da28f334d016c4a90c59b7f320ee8f98il_fullxfull.323947338vintage-woodland-wedding-inspiration-688-int1429655384616-P-2578850

My Honey will be dressed like the proverbial Hipster


GAH! This hair..


MMMM Hmmmm


No hat


LOVE this hair

hipster lumberjack

Yup. This guy. This will be my honey


Or this. This could be my honey too


LOL No he won’t look like hulk hogan though


obsessed with this hair

3a9cde499ea437fdf5f761406c2c10c0 14bd7d06d31792c91738be98e3e2c97b 27-mens-vintage-wedding-suit-casual-alternative-wedding-clothing-j-garner-studios 50cd80a66fd1db6c55e40169177285d6 85a478cddf3c81d409043966b44349a4 689b425d60d7e3ea44ab67e8c65df9d4 269822de91bf80ea8871e6c6dbdc9f9b a8ca5f3f9518f8ec47c59ecee41733a3 bc2d78c9856f6640962d1463a92b119b Bohemian-German-Wedding-Die-Hochzeitsfotografen-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1-630x421-630x421 Bohemian-Texan-Wedding Bohemian-Wedding-British-Columbia-008 download (1) final-handsome-guy-with-best-and-how-to-dress-like-a-hipster-men hipster hair images (1) o-LUMBERJACK-GROOM-facebook steampunk-boho-rock-wedding-Floriane-CAUX-1-576x384 suspenders-and-bow-tie-groom-look wedding-submission-post-draft-2314114 Woodsy-Wedding

My decor was very whimsical, woodsy, casual. Guess I’ll just have to use this for the reception now, since we won’t be having the open wedding

1-8-wood-scalloped-edge-table-numbers-on-a-stick-table-number-wedding-centerpieces-oval-numbers-woodland-wedding-numbers 2fa9b3eed9a5c48460fd4674a835aa01 5a9a750d4962adf8754bb0ae1ed81178 14ea24b0d5180c9f81933ed670cf2041 27W0494 27W0521 87af8e3a0212f9546f5df1795e30f876 98f8fd822d2eccbef8ee89c18ae4c4bb 1970s-hippie-elopement-20 26862-Rashma_1285 27979bd72f761b8e5ac213efed1eea3a 67910c3f2dfb703c8c6842edcb27c6c2 477480f8eb904b269c015967f4c81eb2 14332153 16728666 16819792 birdcage bohemian-dallas-wedding-139 bohemina-wedding-flowers c67ca__Woodland_decor c1615bc5ba44175bddd919eb83e0adda decoration2 diy-glitter0and-yarn-centerpiece-1-500x451 dream-catcher-wedding elizabethmessinaphotographs Enchanting-Wedding-Decoration-Theme3 enhanced-15037-1398957593-11 enhanced-buzz-4459-1398798108-18 evening-outdoor-reception-fairy-lights-orchard f6b95d261ac6eb7856e1933345f8c663 f759beb4cd34f99947227ccd65e728fe f676763a0bbbc064499406995c121fe5 feature Featured-Image-v2 food1 forest_wood_wedding_decor image (1) images (2) images 3 indie-woodland-wedding-amanda-andrey-556-int keep-things-elegant-have-just-tiny-touch-boho-influence laxwc_phototour51 LIABD-wedding-32 lighting1 magical-wedding-reception meetings_9 memories ontario-canadian-woodsy-wedding-01 opener photobooth punch rustic-arch-and-instagram-welcome-table rustic-wedding-ceremony rustic-woodland-wedding-karen-james-736-int rutsic-mason-jars-and-moss-wedding-aislejpg slovenia-wedding-ideas-01 (1) stonecrandall-wedding-11 stonecrandall-wedding-15 stonecrandall-wedding-23 stonecrandall-wedding-37 Trees-riibbons-front-zoe watermelon Wedding-arch wedding-arches1 WilliamChelsea_KEP_Ruffled-80 wooddetails-w1050 woodland-country-wedding-ideas-for-ceremony-and-reception woodland-wedding-15 woodland-wedding21 woodland-wedding-36 woodland-wedding-Camilla-Binks-Photography-18 Woodland-Wedding-Inspiration-Board woodsy_wedding_cherryblossoms_and_faeriewings_rustic_wedding_rustic_centerpieces_ Woodsy-Romance woodsy-slovenia-styled-wedding-56 woodsyvintage-wedding-37 Woodsy-Weddingimage picnic-wedding-ideas stonecrandall-wedding-05 woodsy-slovenia-styled-wedding-46


my life has been a whirlwind lately, and I just realized I haven’t posted on her for close to two months. The first big thing that happened, is super handy helper man proposed 😆

I know. He totally caught me off guard on a Thursday after work. He did good.

I started planning a big wedding in northern Arizona, and after about a week started stressing, and we decided to do a controlled elopement in Del Norte County in the Redwood Forest of Northern California. That’s coming up in 7 weeks already!!!!! The date is 9-5-15.

I’ll post more details regarding that in separate posts.

We have taken a few trips this summer:


Saguaro lake

Watson Lake

1891266_10155807462290013_224404437590815546_n 10501770_10155807460760013_7187088310762295602_n 11101348_10155807460935013_8489416435847719536_n 11209347_10155807460170013_9097035126277843355_n 11209493_10155807459240013_2859665850896930648_n 11219539_10155807459970013_3348637535242964466_n 11222899_10155807461800013_7062027982055497717_n 11403022_10155807462785013_8302209639777075115_n 11403222_10155807464660013_1648340155038746717_n 11403297_10155807465405013_684234474452706320_n 11403350_10155807459520013_3820722520653943699_n 11659500_10155807465570013_8518772681813520989_n 11665632_10155807461220013_818594655069082116_n 11667366_10155807461975013_421106701932715549_n 11667430_10155807459610013_6961493557259676324_n 11692597_10155807462630013_3288831950492219592_n 11692692_10155807464205013_7366037389999671333_n 11693985_10155807459365013_8682802474565528007_n 11694792_10155807461475013_681101043312526875_n 11694958_10155807464770013_7194092081694214969_n 11695982_10155807465190013_4168679609245535489_n 11700804_10155807460200013_8104212542329063124_n 11707530_10155807462225013_5643837720853958865_n 11709611_10155807460175013_8689227298998192042_n
The Mogollon Rim

Bartlett Lake
We threw two engagement parties.

 10410757_854405907961425_8122275794791338196_n 11141733_854405704628112_7983785892271914347_n 11692634_854405837961432_1644002265237136180_n 11695974_854405877961428_4747638082898281889_n

Party #1


Party #2

The goaties are growing


The chickies are growing (we did unfortunately lose Buffy to the heat this summer) and I got my first “fart egg”

House improvements have come to a standstill with all the hub bub going on around here, but Josh did manage to build me a barn door for the laundry room,which we will put on a sliding rail. I’ve spent about 2 weeks painting it. I’ll post those pictures when it is finished.
I think that is about it!  We’ve been pretty busy around here as you can see!!!

Backyard Patio Project Part III – The Reveal


It is finished.

FINALLY. I have a glorious, beautiful, The Vig style patio, that was totally DIY-able .

Last post, we still had to finish the little walls around the perimeter











We still needed to install the shade sails and lighting






We still hadn’t built the little grilling area


or the accent wall (We had to add this in later to mount the shade sails to, since we went with triangle shade sails instead of a rectangle)


and we didn’t know we were going to do this, but decided to seal in the gravel, so the dogs and such would stop kicking it up, and i’m so glad we did. We used a product called Sikagard High Gloss Sealer, which is a concrete sealer we picked up at Home Depot, and this stuff worked AWESOME. It isn’t cheap, it ran about $25/jug and we needed MANY jugs to do this whole area, but it was well worth it. The end product is AMAZING. The gravel is stuck… Like stucco. it’s beautiful.

We had put some pretty planters with Crape Myrtle trees in them, along with garden stools along one side with solar accent lights highlighting them at night. I also have a ton of pots with Ruella all over, and they are all blooming. I love the pink and purple flowers 🙂 I’ve posted other pictures of those, but here’s some more








We haven’t completed the mister system, but we will get to that shortly. No rush since we already have one in place, just not around the entire circumference of the patio like we originally want. We also have kicked around making a built in bar, but if we do that it will be its own post, with DIY instructions.















We had our first BBQ this past weekend, to show it off and see how it would hold up to traffic. It seemed to do amazing. Nothing like friends, their families, pets, (including goats, chickens, and a mini pig) booze, burgers, and watermelon to get down good old ‘Merican style. Here’s some pictures 🙂







I love my new patio. Just in time for summer, perfect for entertaining, and a splash of personality. It’s perfect 🙂

New updates the past few weeks!!

So we took Nova up to Stoneman Lake to go camping the first weekend in May. It was set to be too cold anywhere further up north, and as it was it got down to the low 40’s at night, but we had a great camping trip. Who would have thought that Nova is an EXCELLENT camper dog? She didn’t have the littles around to rile her up, and she was very calm and obedient. We didn’t have to leash her the whole trip, with the exception of when we were tearing down camp, she kept trying to stand ON the tent as we were trying to roll it up. She was very protective of camp at night, giving an alerting growl at every little noise she heard, but I like that. Here are some pictures from our trip 🙂

IMG_6831 IMG_6832 IMG_6833 IMG_6834 IMG_6835 IMG_6837 IMG_6838 IMG_6839 IMG_6840 IMG_6843 IMG_6845 IMG_6847 IMG_6848 IMG_6849 IMG_6850 IMG_6852 IMG_6853 IMG_6854 IMG_6855 IMG_6863 IMG_6865 IMG_6868 IMG_6870 IMG_6873 IMG_6874 IMG_6877 IMG_6879 IMG_6880 IMG_6882 IMG_6883 IMG_6884 IMG_6885 IMG_6889 IMG_6890 IMG_6893 IMG_6894 IMG_6895 IMG_6896 IMG_6901

Secondly, the little chickies are growing up quickly! I had added them to the chicken coop about a month ago, but in a separate enclosure. This past weekend I opened it up and let them out! After a few hours of them being picked on, everyone has settled in nicely and they are all getting along! I’m SO glad that worked out pretty painlessly, because they are still so tiny and I was so nervous I’d come out and have dead babies on my hands. here are some recent pictures of them:

IMG_6916 IMG_6917 IMG_6918 IMG_6919 IMG_6920

And last but most certainly not least, Handy helper man is the greatest, handiest, sweetest man on the planet. AND THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT.

I’ve been bugging, and bugging, and bugging, for over a year to get goats. He’s always agreed that yes “someday” goats would be great. I’m sure he thought when we moved to some great big ranch in the middle of nowhere, I could have all the animals I wanted, and he wouldn’t have to worry, because we would have all this space to house them.

But I didn’t have to wait 🙂 He let me get them now. He even agreed on a Friday afternoon that we could go look at them the following morning, made a Home Depot run to buy the materials for their pen, and started raking out the area IN THE DARK the very same night. He woke up early Saturday morning to sink the posts, and drove an hour with me to Apache Junction to meet them, and the hour home with them in the back pooping everywhere, and was totally sweet about it. When we got home he jumped right back into completing the goat area, basically dedicating his whole weekend to my goat whim, and didn’t say a word. He ROCKS.

Here are some pictures during the building process. We put the goat enclosure behind the chicken coop, and gave them a little run on the east side of the chicken coop where there had been about a three foot gap between the coop and the eastern block wall.

IMG_6922 IMG_6923 IMG_6924 IMG_6925 IMG_6926 IMG_6927 IMG_6928 IMG_6929 IMG_6930 IMG_6931 IMG_6933

So, without further adieu, here are the newest additions. Siggy (doeling, white and beige with blue eyes, born 2/26/15), and Rollo (wether, tan with blue eyes, born 1/26/15):

IMG_6936 IMG_6937 IMG_6938 IMG_6939 IMG_6940 IMG_6941 IMG_6942 IMG_6943 IMG_6944 IMG_6976 IMG_6989 IMG_6990 IMG_6991 IMG_6996 IMG_7005


Rollo has an affinity for good beers



He also likes to give kisses



Rollo is teaching Siggy to give goatie kisses too.

My heart melts every time I hear them. I love them.

Backyard Patio Makeover Part II – Aggregates

Josh and I have already installed the shade wall of this patio, if you remember from my Patio post – Part 1

IMG_6701 IMG_6722 IMG_6721 IMG_6719 IMG_6715 IMG_6714

So this weekend, Handy Man and myself tackled the dirtier part of this project. Laying the actual patio. I thought, “Oh we will just flatten the ground, (which we had already done,) buy some pavers, space them out and fill with gravel. It shouldn’t take long at all.” But this is why I have Handy Man. Apparently we needed sand. Since I wanted this DONE (I was so tired of mud being tracked through the house every time we let the dogs in) we had to find someone who could deliver 1 1/2 tons of sand that day. We actually found someone, to deliver it at about 11 AM on Saturday,

In the meantime, Josh had found a guy down the street who posted an add on Craigslist, for free river rock, and we spent two hours Saturday morning carting that home. Two full trunkfulls in the Jeep, Loading it up, and loading it out and wheelbarrowing into the backyard.

So now it’s 11 AM, and the sand guy is here but since they had a giant dump truck, and even though we have an RV gate, it is off our narrow alley. So we had to have them dump it in the driveway and we carted it into the backyard wheelbarrow full by wheelbarrow full. GAH.

20150425_113451 20150425_115030

Once we had carted it all into the backyard, and dumped it in a giant pile in the middle of what would be our patio, we headed up to Home Depot to get our other supplies. We settled on 12″ x 12″ Travertine (white) pavers, that I’ll just say weigh 15 pounds a PIECE…. and also picked up 2 3/4″ x 8′ PVC pipes to help with screening the sand. I wasn’t sure at all how many pavers or how much gravel we would need, so decided to aim low and picked up 17 pavers (all they had on hand without bringing down another pallet) and 6 bags of gravel.

We headed home, and started to screen the sand. How Josh did this was, he would lay the two pipes parallel to each other about three feet apart, on an open strip of the patio. Then working in several foot sections from one end of the pipes, you shovel sand on top until the pipes are just about covered. Then he would drag a flat board across, to create an even flat sand surface. once he got to the end of the pipes, he would slide them down and finish the strip. i would go along where he had already “screened” and fill in the holes where the pipe had been laying, then hand trowel to smooth it over. Once that strip was done, he would pick up the pipes very carefully, and move over to do the next strip along side the first. We were constantly having to go back and hand trowel the section before, because as you screen section number 2, the board would drag along section number 1, and the next time we do this i’m sure we will use a board that is a bit shorter LOL

20150425_175700 20150425_182617

Here are some photos of the end of this process. Josh Screening, my pavers in the background:

IMG_6739 IMG_6740

As Josh finished sections, I would go along and lay the pavers. I started with one in the far corner where I wanted it to start. Josh had cut a square of cardboard for me to use as a spacer, so as I laid one paver, i would put the cardboard on the sand above the paver, stand on the paver I just laid, and put down the next paver, always using the cardboard spacer. That was It was a very uniform checkerboard pattern. As I finished a row, I would use one of the PVC pipes laid along the edge of the pavers to square them up so I didn’t end up with any cockeyed pavers. For the next row, I used the cardboard spacer between the two first pavers to have even spacing between the rows. I continued doing this behind Josh who was flattening the sand.

Now I ran out of pavers pretty quickly. I actually only made 2 rows with the pavers I purchased the first time. I had one left to start the third row.  We also needed way more gravel. So Josh and I ran back to home depot and bought FIFTY more pavers. That’s a lot of pavers. I’m not going to go into the nightmare we dealt with getting 50 – 15 lb pavers home in a Jeep Patriot, but it was not fun. Looking back we are idiots, very lucky idiots, and will forever rent a home depot truck in the future until we get our own truck. ANYWAY… By the time we got the pallet home (yes a pallet. of pavers. in my jeep) and unloaded it, 2 were broken. So at this point we knew we were going to have to go back to the dreaded home depot yet again.

Just pavers down:


Josh and I screened sand and laid pavers until 9:30 at night. Plus it was raining. And we both pretty much hated life by then but were determined to get this project done. We get to the end and realize that in addition to the 2 broken pavers we would need ONE additional paver to finish the patio. ONE. We both drank like 15 beers and went to bed.

LOL just kidding.

Here are some pictures of the progress of Saturday night:

IMG_6731 IMG_6736 IMG_6737 IMG_6738

Sunday Morning –

Wake up and head straight to HD. We buy ONE MORE PAVER, and exchange the two broken ones, as well as an additional 15 bags of gravel. We come home and lay the last three tiles, and start filling in the rest of the gravel. It’s looking pretty good! We finish up with what we have, and place where our table base will go in the center of the patio. The table top is so heavy that we will need help moving it. We still need to lay a bit more river rock before we can finish up the gravel, but need to grab the river rock from the Craigslist fellow another day…

So Josh and I jump in the car and decide to head up north and go play. We NEED a play day after Saturday. So we head up into nature and do some hiking and exploring.  We drove the hour and a half up north to Camp Verde. I maneuvered  through a hellacious downpour while on hairpin turns, I look over and see Josh sleeping. Thanks bud. Then, In Camp Verde it was partly sunny, partly rainy. in the low 60’s. Walking along a creek in the forest with it babbling alongside of you and the wind and the gentle drizzle coming through the trees…. it was glorious. Then we saw three baby deer. So amazing. Then we found this dope piece of driftwood for our dry riverbed. Even more amazing. So all in all this was a triple score of a little day trip. We jumped back in the car with our driftwood and headed home. Upon arrival Josh sprayed the bejesus out of the driftwood to kill any little creature that could be living in it. I’ve been lucky to never have a scorpion in over 2 years on my property and i’m not about to start.

Here are some photos Josh took Sunday evening. (I REALLY need to get some pics of this bad boy during the day!)

IMG_6734 IMG_6735 IMG_6746 IMG_6747 IMG_6748 IMG_6752

Monday – We buy the rest of the gravel we need to finish the job, and tamp it down, with the exception of a little strip on the west side. I’m going to fill that area in with more smaller river rock, and want to wait to lay the gravel until after I’ve done so. We enlist the help of two dear friends to help us move the ridiculous table top, and the patio is mostly done!!

IMG_6758 IMG_6759 IMG_6764IMG_6772

Today we will go to collect some more river rock from our Craigslist fellow, and fill in the strip missing gravel on the Western side. We also fill in some spots on the dry riverbed (where i stole boulders from to create our river rock border) and add our driftwood accent 🙂

We still need to:

  • put up slats for our north facing brace wall
  • install the other two posts for the east side of the patio
  • put up our shade sails
  • install accent lighting on west wall
  • put up our patio lights
  • make a mister system and install around the perimeter
  • Built in seating?
  • Built in bar?

Stay tuned for Backyard Patio Project Part III – Finishing touches!

Molly the Water Warrior

I just had to share. This dog is a nut. She gets really amped up when I water the yard lately, and attacks the “water monster”. Since last year I’ve always just played with her, and the other day I happened to have my phone so I took some hilarious pictures. Here you are. You are welcome:

IMG_6630 IMG_6631 IMG_6633 IMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6639 IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6643

Too bad I can’t post videos 😦 I have some great ones LOL